Joao Botelho

Founder and Creative Director, Casa Botelho


João Botelho founded his first interior design initiative, Casa Botelho in late 2015 after finishing the redesign of his four-storey townhouse in East London. Leaving a long career in the creative realm of fashion with a passion for styling, João pursued interiors and furniture design full time in January 2016. Casa Botelho has achieved widespread recognition, flooding the pages of magazines as everyone has become charmed by João’s symmetrically-obsessed design, masculine glamour style, and ability to introduce drama into a space without compromising on luxury.

Born in Brazil, João was immersed in the world of fashion from the early age of 17. Involved in design meetings and projects, fashion shows, presentations and directing the visual appearances and set-up of showrooms, João developed an attentive eye for detail and a passion for styling people and spaces.

During his time at Donna Karan, João learnt, in depth, about fabrics, materials, draping and
homewares, introducing him to the world of interiors. When redesigning his four-storey townhouse, João was looking for a specific type of small, sexy, statement table to fill in areas of his home or position precisely next to an armchair. Struggling to find such a piece that was elegant but with enough dose of drama to suit João’s vision, he sought to make his own.

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