1Rebel Bayswater

Studio C102


Architect Studio C102's brief for 1Rebel Bayswater was to create a luxury boutique gym within a compact space. It represents an evolution in the brand's design language while incorporating a heightened environmental sensitivity as well as bringing a sense of fun and entertainment to exercise.

The 450 sqm site is the fourth offering from the Central London fitness brand, all of which have been designed by Studio C102. 

A key element of the brief was to give the project its own vibrant identity, responding to the West London location while at the same time fulfilling 1Rebel's brand promise that each class should feel like a night out, an event in its own right. Another challenge facing the design team was maintaining a sense of space and light while working with restricted ceiling heights.

The scheme consists of a street-fronting reception/juice-bar/retail space bisected by a theatrical walkway that in turn leads to two HIIT fitness studios and changing facilities.

The entrance area features a 6m-long monolithic stainless-steel counter that functions both as reception and juice-bar. Behind it, translucent yellow industrial PVC-strip curtains veil a grid of wire mesh storage racks. 

The central, Las Vegas-inspired, walkway is undoubtedly the star of the space, announced by a projecting canopy evoking classic cinema architecture. Within the dramatic walkway, gloss black industrial PVC strip curtains, a mirrored ceiling and shiny resin floor combine to deliver a sense of infinite space animated by a grid of yellow cabochon fairground lights. 

The remaining half of the entrance area incorporates storage racks for the cycling shoes and a chilled water station that reinforces 1Rebel's commitment to banishing single-use plastic. The grey tones of the water station and of the bench, which runs along the entire length of the shopfront, are offset by vibrant pops of colour from yellow seating cubes. All are clad in handcrafted DTILE ceramic tiles. 

Both fitness studios are built as theatrical black boxes with state-of-the-art dynamic LED lighting normally found in entertainment venues rather than gyms. The studios are lined in environmentally-friendly materials including recycled rubber flooring and sustainable wood-fibre acoustic wall and ceiling panels. 

The changing rooms continue 1Rebel's trademark approach, using bare materials to luxurious effect. In the Female changing room a large vanity zone features theatrical dressing room lighting, while the shower areas combine copper pipework, bespoke brass-framed Georgian wired glass doors and white DTILE partitions emphasising the design theme.


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