443 Greenwich

CetraRuddy Architecture


443 Greenwich Street, originally built by Charles C. Haight in the 19th Century, has been restored and reimagined into 53 urban residences. The rehabilitation includes the restoration and adaptive reuse of the interiors for new and unique residential lofts that incorporate innovative approaches to contemporary living in New York City.

Vacant and in poor condition, the design team worked to preserve the majesty of the original structure, while recycling existing materials. The interior design, inspired by the original details and grand proportions of the existing structure, fuses classic proportions and silhouettes with contemporary textures, palettes, and details. Materiality and craft, such as bronze door pulls, custom metal strap detailing along the kitchen island, and repurposed original details allude to the former industrial building while adapting to contemporary living. The original oak beams have been restored in the residential plan, framing and unifying the design elements that distinguish each unique residence. They serve as totems of proportion, solidity, and strength, as well as history, functioning as a continual reminder of the layered history of the building. 

Capping off the loft-conversion movement in Tribeca, 443 Greenwich nurtures and embraces the neighborhood's history while fashioning an urban retreat that promotes a sense of mindfulness and relaxation. The interior environments provide a sanctuary in a public urban environment, creating opportunities for reflection in the home, while introducing inventive approaches to urban living.


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