Academy Of Global Competency

The Rohrig Group & Tom Mark Henry


The Rohrig Group - Construction.
The Colour Club - Graphics & Wayfinding.
Civic Australia - Furniture.
Zenith - Furniture.

A multifaceted space for year 9 and 10 students of Knox Grammar School, located in Sydney's Upper North Shore. Designed and constructed by The Rohrig Group in collaboration with Tom Mark Henry with flexibility and innovation front and centre, enabling students to exceed their potential. The functionality and diversity of the space echo the designs key theme of giving agency over the space to the students whilst setting them up for their futures and entry into the working environment, with a strong student-lead focus, one that is highly flexible and easily adaptable in order to future proof against changing student and teacher needs. The space needed to be both functional and adaptable, seeing furniture choices carefully considered, selecting pieces which are easily moveable where necessary to open up sections of the space. The durability of such pieces along with selected finishes and materials were also key to the design, ensuring longevity. With an aesthetic leaning towards the industrial, concrete flooring is paired with timber finishes to bring warmth, whilst stainless steel and both tiled and rendered surfaces work together to create a timeless design with touches of a more playful nature. Various blue hues are seen throughout the space, which reference the school’s colour, whilst complimented by the addition of rich mustards, greens and terracotta’s, breathing life into the space. Bringing a sense of the outdoors into the space also contributed to this, through the addition of plants, seeing both ground and high level planters designed to house these.

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