Acoustic Wallhanings| . Homage to the Bauhaus women

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Acoustic Wallhanings | Homage to the Bauhaus Women
One hundred years after the founding of the Bauhaus, Mareike Lienau interprets in her
Acoustic Wallhanging‘s works of Bauhaus-Women new – in order to draw attention to the design and effectiveness of these Bauhaus-Women.

Her approach asks: What is Contemporary about Craft? How can I recreate a World Heritage Site - the manual art of knotting and the herbal way of coloring - and thus express it in the home. Mareike Lienau is essential for the activity as a designer, the aspect of the global value creation chain: the person who lives with the product as well as the person who manufactures the product is the focus of her work. As a designer, she wants to take responsibility by deciding with respect for the people andenvirement, how and under what circumstances her product is made and how it will be lived later.

Acoustic Wallhanings | Homage to the Bauhaus Women
-are initially 6 independent objects that refer to 4 forgotten Bauhaus women.
The objects are made of vegetable-dyed 100% Tibetan highland wool manuel as free form, in a variety of knotting techniques as relief, adaptation, Puschel 100knot or Tsuksen and looped. They originate in Nepal in the framework of fair trade in cooperation with a Tibetan carpet manufacturer. The format is about DINA1. About: 380,-Euro.
The 100% wool provides visual heat & eliminates unwanted reverb.

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