ACP House

This six-bedroom single-storey vacation house designed for a couple and two children focuses on leisure and family life. Following client expectations, it plans to maximize the beautiful view to the horizon and to emphasize circulation between the different rooms connected to each other promoting conviviality, contemplation and inviting to idleness.

The design composition is characterized by a combination of several detached volumes and surfaces focusing on crossing ventilation and beautiful daylight projection. In addition to the aesthetic function, great ceiling height allows hot air to rise improving thermal comfort. Furthermore roofs were built with sustainable wood, processed board and a final waterproof membrane, avoiding use of water and providing faster construction process.

Nestled longwise onto the site and arranged in a semi-circle plot, this house overtakes the traditional concepts of interior and exterior layouts with the two-lane swimming pool which connects to the facade overlooking the golf course, creating an interaction between inside and outside and transforming the living room into a large covered terrace once the glass curtain walls are folded. The volume is structured by a striped pattern of wood porches and beams which, with the exposure of the outdoor view plays interior design protagonism in all social areas. An interior balcony – a mezzanine - between living and dining room, above the TV room, facing internal and external views creates a cozy reading area in the house.

A large and unique longitudinal gallery provides distribution and section between social and private areas promoting an amazing promenade, full of voids and graphic effects emphasized by the hanging steel and wooden staircase.

Some furniture is bespoke, like the dining room cupboard; others such as the dining table and benches were made with left over wood from the house construction. The house asserts a contemporary and elegant interior design with white painted walls contrasting with Cumaru wood panels and columns, and cement floor finishes.

The decoration and the finishes were planned for intense use with no restriction for “vivid” children; therefore, seats were upholstered with Sunbrella fabric and nautical rope making everything simplified and practical.