adidas X Concepts, The Sanctuary

Sid Lee Architecture


The Sanctuary for adidas x Concepts celebrates the first partnership between the brand and the retailer. The store was created and designed to showcase exclusive shoes and apparel, and for sports shoes enthusiasts to admire pinnacle products from the brand. Products, materials and the place in itself pay homage to the palpable cultural contrasts of the city: the raw and the refined; the boor and the polite. 

The project was influenced by the commitment to develop a new retail identity, where design, culture, aesthetics and experience resonate together in a creative and mystical environment.

Discreetly nestled in the basement of one of Boston's oldest commercial streets, the 1.200 sq.ft. space was designed with modular thresholds for discovery, pause and awe. The Chamber, at the entrance of the store, is a room imbued with specially designed raw metal (powder coated steel) screen doors with lighting shining through, projecting a unique celtic Boston inspired pattern that reveals the unprecedented collaboration between Adidas and Concepts logos. Fans descend through the liberation tunnel chamber, walk and pause through a field of discoveries, and in temple-like fashion, finally arrive at the space of celebration, where shoes are elevated to the rank of collector's item. The field of discoveries is a progression of increasingly narrowing arches, splitting the room into different areas and creating a natural movement that pushes consumers to make discoveries and build intimate connections with the gear.

The minimalist aspect of the store perfectly spotlights the product. A sort of temple of the shoe, the space wishes to create a relationship of intimacy with the product. Through a long tunnel, divided by glass and lighting structures, the different experience areas encourage discovery and contemplation. The artist, Jordan söderberg Mills, created shimmering boxes along the space, serving as a showcase for shoes, but also as a break-down of the light. Lights, reflective surfaces, glass arches and mirrors dazzle the merchandise from new angles, modifying their traditional perceptions. The brand promise is to uplift spirits and curiosity through surreal effects of light and color.

It is more than just a retail store selling exclusive apparel and shoes, it is a place of worship, a Sanctuary, where fans can gather, revere the gear, and purchase limited edition kicks and merchandise. The Sanctuary has become a one-stop destination, where fans and enthusiasts are offered a high-end customer service in a one-of-a-kind, elevated, temple-like store.

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