Aesop Fillmore

A careful balance is inscribed in the installation proposed for the signature shop for Aesop on Fillmore Street in San Francisco. Born from the fascination with pre-20th century apothecaries and 21st century body care, the Fillmore Street shop responds to the specific spatial and programmatic contexts through material, circulation and fabrication.

Given a peculiar space whose height is greater than its width and its length is several times longer than either, a tapestry of reclaimed wood boxes extends to the limits of one wall, creating smaller frames for the introduction and display of individual products. This singular element, subdivided and pixilated by the varying box dimensions, contains the entire contents of the shop. A balance is struck by the introduction of a cork wall, ceiling, counter and bench. The floor slabs of masonite run virtually seamless through the entire space.

The box wall is comprised of six variant types with modular dimensions linked to specific product size. The modulations allow for curated arrangements without gaps or overlaps. Each box is individually fabricated and the mapped to a specific location in the broader tapestry. This project was completed in 2013 and is 600sf.

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