Aker BP_Onshore Collaboration Centre

Magu Design


Magu design have developed Aker BPs new Onshore Collaboration Center (OCC). The OCC is an area for collaboration between different teams within the business. Aker BP is an exploration and production company with activity in exploration, field development and production on the Norwegian continental shelf. Aker BPs vision includes digitising their entire work process.

Client brief: Design a operation and collaboration center that encourages productivity and achieves better work quality in the company as a whole. Compleded: 30.11.2019
Size: 902 m2
The architecture must behave differently to a traditional office space. It needs to contribute to the success of the endeavour and has therefor been designed to not only allow but support the wide array of tasks that are carried out within the space. The OCC is an area for collaboration between teams within Aker BP as well as encouraging connections with partners and global experts.

The centre allows all of Aker BPs assets and supporting functions to stand together in a central location allowing access to all relevant data and information at the same time. Earlier it was not possible to send data from the well straight to land but with new technology it is possible for offshore activity to be overseen from onshore. We believe the way in which we have organised the space, supports the new way of working and contributes to a sharing digital culture.

Sustainable goals: reducing time spent offshore by allowing well-production to be carried out from OCC.

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