Alexander Purcell Rodrigues Design

Alexander Purcell Rodrigues Design is an interdisciplinary design studio delivering elegant design solutions through a combination of detailed research, a respect for the functional demands of contemporary life and expertly sourced materials that combine to interpret and reflect a client's unique requirements. 

Opened in Los Angeles, 2009, the studio focused on product design for the household and has since won numerous awards for its furniture and homeware designs. In 2014 APR Design turned to the founder's prior experience and Cambridge architectural degree, widening its project scope to include architectural interiors. Early in 2015 the studio opened its doors in London and is working for clients all over the globe.

Alexander Purcell Rodrigues Design works across multiple design fields from architectural interiors for hospitality, residential, retail and student accommodation projects through to industrial designs for both international brands and project specific products. 

Working at every scale, from architectural down to hand-held products allows the studio to consider all aspects of the spatial design holistically down to the very objects that sit within each space. 

The studio distinguishes itself through its use of innovative methods juxtaposing state-of-the-art technologies and traditional production techniques to create unique design solutions. Utilising cutting edge design and fabrication processes combined with natural materials and the intrinsic appeal of traditional craftsmanship, the studio looks to define a new aesthetic language.

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