On the bank of the Qiantang River in Hangzhou, W.DESIGN thinks over the relationship between the oriental tradition and the contemporary, and turns the garden spirit into the poetic meaning of space. From interior design, soft decoration design to product design, W.DESIGN integrates architectural techniques into the the interior, breaks boundaries for natural extension, and presents guests a better idea of future life in advance through linear language, open space rhythm and the integration of human and nature.

The clean design language is slowly described on the light-colored wooden grille hanging at the top, the linear chandelier that reaches balance in asymmetry, and the super-scale art installation; and therefore, people are inspired to think about the internal relationship between space, time and nature. When you enter the room initially, the contemporary deduction of falcon structure is used at the top, together with the gentle and graceful acrylic round end view, to depict the poetic mood.。

Door, partition, block change, linear language and gray space form the superposition state of the space, planning the rhythm of opening. Moon Cave Arch with garden intention is matched with the concept of oriental gardening, echoing with the door of the foyer at the end of the corridor.

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