An Urban Sanctuary

via architecture limited


Inspired by the architecture's curvilinear geometry, spatial fluidity is central to the interior design. A palette of calm, subdued materials shaped in simple, modern language, the design highlights materiality and craftsmanship in an understated manner.

The path from Street to apartment is a choreographed journey. The Entrance Lobby is defined by rounded walls of sumptuous silver travertine where linearity of veins gives a sense of organic order and calm layering, and the carefully edited slabs create a mild gradation of greys/beige tones, becoming lighter at the top. These walls frame the view towards a richly planted outdoor garden, anchored by feature tree and rock composition.

Contrasting black textured timber slats line the wall to the elevator, signifying ascent to floors above. The dimly-lit elevator helps adjust to the interior lighting level, and is crafted from walnut panels with integral handrail, geometrically oriented to direct passengers towards the apartments.

On every floor, the lobby is treated as part of the journey to individual apartments. With luxurious travertine as the main floor material, one wall is surfaced with black metal / timber, giving texture without drawing attention. Echoing the overall architecture, an undulating wall of light oak laminate lines the apartment wall. Custom-designed floor/unit signs with restrained lighting are especially profiled to recall the curvilinear architecture.

The same sensibility continues into the apartments. A lightly bleached oak floor is selected for its consistency and serenity; window frames are abstracted to white finish matching wall surfaces. The focal point in the living room is a kitchenette with smoked-oak / bead-blast aluminium cabinets. An additional window gives light / fresh air to the kitchenette. Built-in fixtures are minimized to maximize flexibility for occupants.

An ingenious gesture achieving both flexibility and privacy, the delineation between living room and bedroom suite is defined by a pivot door. When closed, the bedroom/bathroom are completely out of sight; when open, the entire apartment becomes one fluid space. 

Another focal point is the wash basin between bedroom and living space. The basin is carved out of single blocks of marble; the vanity's sculpted drawer showcases a bespoke handle doubling as towel hanger; the mirror cabinet double as ambient light source.

In the "wet" compartment, meticulously crafted curved marble walls recall the building's architecture and leave no sharp corners in the bathroom. A second glass sliding door at the threshold of the bedroom provides a second layer of added privacy.

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