Angsana Zhuhai Phoenix Bay

Licht.Associates Limited


Zhuhai is the city of the island, which has the elegances & breath brought by lingnan culture, gentle & graceful, where is the home of silk road on the sea, what will it be when its culture & history collide & interwoven with entertainment & passion respectively.

Angsana hotel represents the uniqueness as well as passion & charm, which is a 1.5 kilometer stretch of sandy shores, combines new elements of attraction, sensations, harmony,entertainment hospitality experiences,it is a bright star rising in the commercial street of the historic city.

"Integration" becomes the lighting scheme, through the color, material & finishes, the changes to elaborate the design story, light & shadow blended in the distance between time & space, creating an abstract , vibrant, dramatic spatial experience saying between virtual & actual, light & heavy , fixed & flowing , open & enclosed.

As the guests walk into the hotel, the first visual focus on creating an oscillating movement of aqua blue ripple images by led wavelight, the illuminated foyer creates the idea of motion, giving the appearance that the marble floor is moving gently, like waves rolling onto an ocean.At the entrance lobby, 3000k warm white led burial uplighter reinforces the blue-black , matt color of the curving ceramics background, the light is reflected & mirrored, casting shadows & creates an infinity light illusion throughout the space.

The lightings were selected as simple & discreet as possible, mr16 led accents highlight the front desk, bringing a beautiful contrast of dark marble flooring & 4000k cool white concealed linear led strips is embedded underneath on each feature shelfs with iced-white halo glow to emphasize the linearity of the space. In addition, there is no false ceiling at the main lobby area, concealed surface mounted narrow spot led accents illuminating the sculptures, fountain , columns & tables. 

The floating structural beamed ceiling are softly flooding by 3000k concealed led strips to provide the luxurious relaxation space, it is also efficient to alleviate the spatial tension & to create an intimate atmosphere between guest & operators, thus the space where they could enjoy.

Angsana hotel, so much that you could forget the time with an ambivalent feelings to confide the existence of the secret space.

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