Archaeology Switzerland



The sculptural extension of the Swiss National Museum in Zurich provides a new set up for the archaeological exhibition: 'Archaeology Switzerland' comprises over 1,300 objects of Helvetian archaeology. It is divided into three sections offering three different approaches to the past, to Switzerland and its environment: ‚Terra', ‚Homo' and ‚Natura'.

TERRA depicts how exhibits and archaeological sites are connected. The visitor strolls below the Swiss landscape hovering in space. It is realised as an orographic rib-type model consisting of 3,000 individual pieces. 
A light choreography works to highlight the course of history poetically. 

The section HOMO summarises more than 100,000 years of human history chronologically - from the Palaeolithic to the Early Middle Ages. Information concerning the exhibits is provided on movable screens. Seven highlight exhibits in the centre of the room are scenographically staged and accompanied by film projections that contextualise the objects. The visitor is able to integrate himself by taking a seat in a slightly elevated position inside the last showcase.

NATURA draws attention to the interrelation between natural history and the archaeological exhibits. An animated drawing projected onto the wall brings the Swiss landscape into the museum. At theme-based research stations visitors can trigger additional scenes in the projection. They visualise the influence of people on nature as well as the interaction of environment and humankind.

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