Aston Martin: a model of luxury apartment in Zhongzhou Bay

MYP DESIGN(HK) for Zhongzhou Group


In Shenzhen, a cosmopolitan city, its economy is soaring and it is known as "Shenzhen Speed". And behind the "speed" is the gathering of elites at home and abroad, the collision of many thoughts, and the power driven by the burning passion. With the development background and humanistic feelings of the city, the designer extracted "speed and passion" to imply this space. And "speed and passion", nothing fits this tone more than Aston Martin. Therefore, we also call this model house Aston Martin. When we mention Aston Martin, we naturally associate it with its luxurious positioning, interior texture, and speed. Based on this, we have extracted individual body elements, aiming to combine this with craft Perseverance and perfect persistence naturally extend into daily life.

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