BRICI hair salon/barber shop

Corvin Cristian Studio


The interior and identity are Art Deco inspired, the golden era of barber shops and elaborate luxury when barbershops were a cool hang out for men, rivaling saloons in their socializing function hence a bar takes center stage in BRICI. 

BRICI in Romanian means "razor" baut alos "perfect" in slang.

The brief was minimal, mostly described the target audience: refined gentlemen. CCS came with the naming, identity and interior and façade design.

The veneered walls with Japanese pattern inlay and the pendants reference the origin of the Takara chairs, Japanese steel razors and scissors BRICI is fitted with. Japanese motifs also belong with Art Deco and direct to a sense exactitude most wanted but frequently missing in barbershops. What else is "haircut" than a synonym for accuracy?

The lamps are such not just for Japanese reference. They were custom made after tests with hairstylists in order to provide the best diffuse light on top of the chairs in the required proportion and a round soft box with translucent filter similar to Japanese paper appeared as the best solution. 

The choice of materials: black marble, dark walnut, black paint and stainless steel underline the manliness of the place. 
The restroom is in a veneered capsule which stands alone from the walls.

For a sharp contrast to make the luxurious finishes stand out, the ceiling and upper part of the walls were left rough and the piping exposed, black painted

There's playfulness in the design as handles are made of scissors, entrance door handle is an oversize razor, the steel canopy itself is blade shaped and the legs of the furniture are in the shape of scissors blades. The outdoor logo is crafted in true Art Deco tradition with neon and stainless steel construction. BRICI is contemporary and classic at the same time. BRICI is both clean cut and ornate. BRICI is stylistically coherent from logo to the last detail. BRICI is refined and luxurious but has a playfulness and humor to it. BRICI is custom designed up to the light sources, mirrors and handles. BRICI has a timeless quality to it. BRICI is innovative from layout (a barber shop with a bar in the middle, the restroom in an almost stand alone capsule) to the choice of Art Deco inspiration on a design scene much influenced by the spectacular contemporary appearance that makes it to the top of social media algorithms.

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