Brioche Bistro

Brioche Bistro, Interior Design Bureau by Alena Bulataya

Design brief Bistro Brioche is a multifunctional space, the concept of which is based on 3 key components: French wine, French bread and French gastronomy, uniting a bakery and a bistro. Here customers can purchase products from a bakery, as well as sit at a table and enjoy a glass of wine. The guest space includes the following zones: wine and bread takeaway display, a bar zone, a lounge zone, and a powder room.

Initially, Brioche Bistro was an open 250 sq.m space with a four-meter ceiling, two columns in the center, and two walls out of four made of glass. During the first stage of construction the powder room was relocated to the opposite side, the space was divided into kitchen and guest space with a wall. The ceiling was preserved open with exposed wiring and painted a single shade.

The interior boasts a variety of details, textures and colors. Bar counter extends across the entire guest area replicating a golden tape. Some walls have old plaster imitation finish and contrast well with white columns and brass elements. Two large windows behind the bar, when opened, allow guests to observe the cooking process. Colour palette used in the interior is reminiscent of vibrant cakes and biscuits arranged neatly in a glass display.