Capsule hostel and Bookstore in Village Qinglongwu

Atelier tao+c for Shanghai Fengyuzhu Culture Technology Co., Ltd.


It’s an 232sqm house of wooden structure and mud walls in village Qinglongwu. The architect regenerated the old building to a capsule hostel that can accommodate 20 people with a community bookstore and library into the 7.2-meter high two-stories space. To convert it to be a mix-use space, the biggest challenge is to ensure the privacy of the accommodation area while giving openness and continuity to the public areas within such a compact space. After removing the original floors and partition walls, the architect opened the ground floor for library, and placed two independent “floating” structures above it.

Each of the sectors is equipped with 10 capsule rooms and one bathroom, separately for male and female guests. Instead of a regular floor height, we divided the floating mass by 1.35 meters- a height that allow people to sit in the capsule rooms hidden behind the bookshelves. And then split and staggered floor slabs formed a few “double-height” spaces in the accommodation areas to allow guest to walk through.

The idea of "buildings inside the building" blurs the boundaries of various spaces and formed a balance between the privacy of the “floating” accommodation area and the openness of the public space on the ground floor. Given the amazing natural landscape at the east end of the building, the architect cut the whole gable wall on this side and embedded a transparent structure of wooden frames and corrugated polycarbonate panels, introducing the green forests into the interior.

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