Carhartt Work in Progress (WIP)

Faye Toogood


Carhartt WIP King's Cross is an iconic and contemporary clothing and accessories, paying tribute to the brand's original inception 120 years ago in Detroit; it will also be the go to Carhartt WIP location for collaborative and special products, available only at King's Cross.

Carhartt WIP launched its fourth store at the end of last year; situated in Three Pancras Square King's Cross. The store has been conceived and created by renowned London-based design studio Faye Toogood.

The specially designed store has a modular layout, enabling the space to move and adapt to changing retail campaigns. The space provides a conceptual look at Carhartt WIP's roots in honest labor, exposing the inner mechanisms of many of the fixtures and utilizing simple but hardwearing materials, ranging from raw concrete to duck brown canvas.

The look and feel of the space is informed by the same ideals that led to Carhartt WIP being embraced by subcultures and style tribes on both sides of the Atlantic. Consequently, there is a focus on rugged utilitarianism with aggregate-concrete flooring and a ceiling which features serried banks of pendant lamps. 

Wall panels have been created in tough canvas and display units crafted from hardwearing materials in warms tones of deep brown and tan, taking inspiration from iconic Carhartt WIP garments. The inclusion of movable, custom-moulded units further complements an ever-changing retail environment. 

Additionally, Faye Toogood has incorporated references to Carhartt WIP's beginnings, through post-industrial brass fixtures, while the visual uniformity which runs throughout the store also extends to a dedicated archive zone, equipped with pigeonhole cabinets of oiled Valchromat with protective grilles in heavy black mesh. 

The space also feature a custom built coffee bar, operated in partnership with renowned coffee roasters.

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