CCD Shenzhen Office

Cheng Chung Design Hong Kong


CCD office is located in Shenzhen city China. Traditional red bricks and nonbearing walls are applied to the design. The whole space is divided by functional divisions, keeping the space separate yet open and spacious with a cozy sense. And light colored wood veneers and decorations used in the restaurant create relaxing and warm workplaces. Although the project is at CBD, the most prosperous area, it still presents a leisurely and natural atmosphere. The reception and waiting area takes cues from traditional leisure space where is equipped with brick, stone, and scented candle, forming a tranquil environment.

The way of getting rid of partitions and rebuilding the space increases the possibility of mutual extension of divisions. And wooden screen walls make the outlines of divisions more specific, showing connected yet independent functional areas, layering along central area and also open public area. A workspace3 is newly created with a sense of design and quality style, combining various functional parts including meeting rooms, tea rooms, material rooms and kitchen-style VIP rooms.

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