Cheese tart shop BAKE



The emerging Japanese cheese tart brand BAKE has been rapidly growing in Japan and overseas and has opened its first shop in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam on 12th November 2017. It is located on the ground floor of a slender building in the city center, facing a busy street and the floor area is 69.6 m2.

While the architect Joe Chikamori used only very common materials following BAKE's existing simple design-code, he had developed the unique way of use and expressions of materials and created the composition of the space three-dimensionally in a bold manner.

The key elements are below.

[Customers queue in a vertical direction]
To utilize the property's character which faces a street and has a double-height ceiling,
The stairs from the entrance to the cashier was designed to show passersby customers are queuing in vertical direction.
It made each tart-display table be stair-like and inside floor for staff be sloped as a result.

[Display-table held by glass]
It was required from the client to show inside openly rather than constructing optical border between staffs and customers.
In seeking something light touch for that, the idea to hold the table with a point-fixing bolt attached to glass has come up.

[Emphasizing a shade of an object by differing colors of mortar]
In computer rendering, Chikamori sometimes apply different lightness on each surface of the same material to emphasize a shade of an object,
The same method was used in the real construction, applying lighter color of mortar on horizontal and darker one on vertical surfaces of stairs.
Also the lighter mortar was applied to walls in the staff area and accordingly the amount of light to that area was designed brighter so that it got highlighted like a stage.

[Stair-like mirrored ceiling reflect products to a street]
Displaying products to passersby is commonly important among existing BAKE shops,
However, this shop floor level is higher than a street by 400mm, Due to that level difference, the products can be hardly seen from the street.
To complement this, stair-like mirrored ceiling was designed to reflect products to the street.

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