China Merchants Zhanjiang Cruise Terminal Sales Center

Matrix Design


This is a sales center design project with a total area of 1500 square meters, which was completed in September 2019.
Our design philosophy hopes to transform the energy in this three-dimensional space and start the creative journey in every corner. The theme of "Treasure in the South China Sea" originating from the good natural primitive ecology of the project where Zhanjiang is located and the sheer tension contained in the project's architectural appearance, coupled with the maritime commercial civilization created by the China Merchants Bureau for shipping and trade, together, they inspired us to design: taking the architectural form of "Sailing with Wind", going through the century-old history of China Merchants to find the treasures of civilization that belong to Zhanjiang, and apply them to serve the contemporary and future-oriented new era of human settlements. This project is an interpretation of the geometric modern design vocabulary of the architectural form "Sailing with Wind", creating a more dramatic theme of the interior and sculptural space with Zhanjiang characteristics. The entire scene manipulates light, shadow, and virtuality. Peaceful, and ultimately seamlessly integrated with the building.
The three-story space layout of the entire sales office is very direct and clear. The public space for display and part of the reception office area are located on the first floor; the entire project negotiation area, model area, and contract area are located on the second floor with sea views; the back office and VIP negotiation space are located on the third floor.

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