COH Showroom

Located in the fashion district in downtown Los Angeles, this 4,000 sf renovation included all new finishes, custom fixtures and furniture, flooring and graphics / signage for the well-known denim brand. The raw loft space, with its 40’ linear skylight and large operable north-facing windows is flooded with natural light throughout the day, creating a casual yet peaceful reprieve from the urban background. The heavy, dark wood and rusted steel materials of the existing space were stripped away and a new European oak floor was laid out. From here, the authentic brick walls and wood ceiling were refinished and painted to complete the white-box foundation for the remaining design elements.

Floating ‘canvas’ feature walls with blade-thin, waning profiles are mounted to the brick surfaces creating a neutral backdrop for merchandising without obscuring the historical character of the industrial building. Brushed stainless-steel fixtures punctuate each canvas and appear occasionally throughout the footprint, incorporating a modern interpretation of workshop aesthetic. Without breaking up the area with floor-to-ceiling partitions that would limit light and connectivity, the designers were challenged with creating a flexible plan, which could operate as either distinct smaller workstations or a singular event space. This meant creating six feature walls, spaced rhythmically and parallel along the length of the floor plan. With each of these walls comes the custom fixtures and furniture which can be moved / removed as needed. Floor-mounted rails between workstations add to the notion of privacy and separation but once removed, allow for connectivity visually and programmatically throughout the showroom. Secondary feature walls that were offset from the existing brick walls create visual and brand focal points. A partition wall housing three embedded television monitors, which showcase brand-themed marketing visuals or other content as desired, separates the front-of-house and back-of-house offices.

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