CR Land Yulanshan Sales Center

NGZ Design


Through the interpretation of materials and the display of space, this case reflects the integration of cultural characteristics and the city, maps the future, and implicitly expresses Lanzhou's characteristics from the perspective of art.

The ink charm of the lampshade carved by the whole stone echoes with the background of "Fox Volant Of The Snowy Mountain", which is the best annotation to Lanzhou's seemingly quiet but vigorous. The combination of space and streamline can be said to be unbreakable and flexible on the spatial scale. Break the top and provide light, break the wall and leave empty.

The designer breaks the rules and perfectly integrates the surrounding space, transparency and organizational functions. Under the erosion of nature, the Yellow River stone is full of vigorous spirit after vicissitudes. The designer creates a kind of blank space, and then fills the corresponding space with stone again. Time has changed in stone's memory and space, and takes the present space and time as the basis of creation. The Northwest Plateau is folded and wrinkled, ups and downs, continuous.

This land gives us rich design inspiration. It is the most direct and implicit expression to integrate humanity and nature into artistic works. The stairs are not only structures that can go up and down in space. The designer breaks the sequence and deconstructs it again. It is light and thick, , forming a sculptural volume, making it become an art installation connecting the art gallery and the exhibition hall.

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