DaDong New York

George Wong Design Inc.


A renowned restaurateur who earned Michelin stars serving Peking Duck in Asia, has tapped George Wong Design to craft a flagship stateside, in New York. Chef Dong Zhenxiang's alluring, upscale DaDong Times Square occupies a sleek glass pavilion tucked into an urban courtyard near Bryant Park. Impressive formal and informal rooms totaling 10,000 square feet, along with a large rooftop terrace, showcase the chef's fusion menu served amidst contemporary Chinese art set in a modern interior with Asian undertones.

The guest experience begins as one approaches the building's exterior. The three story high curtain wall façade is back lit with a modern pattern inspired by traditional Chinese lattice designs, and the front door resembles a slab of an aged rosewood tree. The entry lobby is inspired by a modern Chinese courtyard with sculptural Lucite "bamboo" poles along one wall, and an ethereal 36-foot mural of flowing clouds, hand-painted on one single sheet of canvas on another. The reception desk is made from a sculpted Chinese scholar's "Tai-Hu" rock procured from China, appearing to levitate atop a mirror stainless pedestal although weighing a ton. Across the reception, custom corduroy-glass in champagne tones adorn the walls by the elevators. 

The concept for the second floor at DaDong New York, was to create a sparkling and sophisticated bar and cocktail lounge. The elevators open to the warm glow of a large, rectangular bar composed with a back-lit glass laminated Greek Onyx top. Floating above the bar is a mobile sculpture comprised of hundreds of metal mesh scrolls hovering above the bar, each inscribed with either a word, or a graphic, taken from a Chinese poem. A grey brick wall behind the bar recalls traditional Chinese masonry.

Connected to the indoor bar and sheltered beneath wood pergolas, the rooftop terrace boasts a calming reflecting pool which features custom-made stainless steel sculptures mimicking water splashes frozen in time.

The top floor's prix fixe dining room has pristine white walls trimmed in black granite, together with dining chairs in celadon leather, they imbue a contemporary minimalist echo of traditional Chinese aesthetics. Operable full height lattice panel are installed, giving the flexibility to open or close the space for events. Located discreetly on this floor is a permanent private dining room with a private terrace looking out to 42nd street.

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