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DoorDash uses technology to connect people with the best in their cities - empowering local businesses and their customers through thoughtful, timely, and affordable deliveries. Looking to enrich the experience inside their San Francisco headquarters, DoorDash wanted to strengthen both employees' and visitors' connection to the company's compelling mission and brand. Knowing this, Rapt Studio designed their workspace to create memorable experiences that effectively communicate how the company works and builds local communities.

We translated DoorDash's key audiences into a memorable wayfinding and guidance system throughout the space. A large art installation in the company's main gathering area, provides a graphic explanation for each stakeholder and why they are important to the DoorDash experience. This created an immersive, community-driven experience which encourages employees and visitors to deepen their ability to empathize and understand the five audiences: Customer, Dasher, Partner, Helper (Support), and Redd (Technology).

Vivid, color coordinated stripes run throughout the space, down the hallways, and up the stairs to help visitors and employees get to their destinations easily and efficiently, just as well-done transportation infrastructure and signage help cities run effectively. These highlighted paths of travel mimic the experiential and emotional qualities of a DoorDash journey. DoorDash takes care of the distances inside cities and towns that other companies have ignored, and in turn, takes care of people.

Additionally, each conference room has a unique name and accompanying graphic, connecting the name and room number with an expressive line. Each line was designed to reinforce the company's brand of connecting things and people in unexpected, but meaningful ways.

Rapt's environmental graphic design has resulted in more frequent and effective collaboration across teams and a deeper understanding and appreciation for the important work and players across the company.

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