Dr. George Yee Laboratory of Anatomical Sciences

Stantec Architecture for University of Manitoba


The Department of Human Anatomy was established in 1883 at the University of Manitoba. As part of the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, the Laboratory of Anatomical Sciences supports five disciplines (Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Rehabilitation Sciences) by providing a facility for undergraduate and graduate students to undertake anatomical studies, connecting the study of anatomy with clinical practice, advancing knowledge and skills through collaboration for students, residents, and practicing professionals. Located in an under ventilated, poorly lit, and dilapidated basement space, the laboratory had not seen upgrades since opening in 1975. The University brief was to revitalize the Laboratory as a leading education and research centre in Canada.

With a fundamental repurposing of the space, the project was to include advanced technologies accommodating current learning styles, remote instruction, and significant ventilation, lighting, and infrastructure upgrades. Completed in August 2019, the Dr. George Yee Laboratory of Anatomical Sciences provides four new labs in 875 m2 of space.

The two bright and spacious Teaching Labs are equipped with high definition visualization systems. These allow students to learn the intricacies of the human body using virtual models, which can then compare to the actual cadavers being dissected. The Clinical Lab is equipped with surgical suite illumination and integrated high definition video to broadcast cadaver dissections to local or offsite locations. The adjacent hallway puts learning on display, providing a “cabinet of curiosities”. The laboratories are organized around a simple black framework infilled with glass, cabinets, worksurfaces, and coordinated ventilation and plumbing elements.

Dr. Thoman Klonisch - Client, Head of Dept. of Human Anatomy & Cell Sciences Trudy Blight – Project Manager, University of Manitoba Javier Uribe – Project Manager, University of Manitoba Andrew Brimble – Principal in Charge, Stantec Architecture Ltd Michael Banman – Design Principal, Stantec Architecture Ltd Jenni Joorisity – Project Architect, Stantec Architecture Ltd Kerry Maskiew – Specifications Writer, Stantec Architecture Ltd Stacey King - Contract Administration, Stantec Architecture Ltd Russell Lavitt – Mechanical Engineer, Stantec Consulting Ltd Joseph Yacoub – Mechanical Designer, Stantec Consulting Ltd Jeff Schraud – Mechanical Technologist, Stantec Consulting Ltd Lloyd Richardson – Mechanical Contract Administration, Stantec Consulting Ltd Leo Korenbaum – Electrical Engineer, Stantec Consulting Ltd Howard Chan – Electrical Technologist, Stantec Consulting Ltd Ed Sapacz – Electrical Contract Administration, Stantec Consulting Ltd Bockstael Construction Ltd – General Contractor

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