Chris Shao Studio


*Owner: Dingyi Food & Beverage Investment Ltd.
*Management Company: Dingyi Food & Beverage Investment Ltd.
*Contractor: Nuoya Construction *Consultants: Lighting: Isometrix
Entrance Chandelier: Rosie Li Wall Sconce: Apparatus Main Dining Room
Dining Chair Fabric: Perennials & Holly Hunt Banquette
Fabric: Elitis
Wallpaper: Elitis Private Dining Room Chair
fabric: Holland & Sherry
Dining Table: Minotti

Completion Date: 15th August, 2019 Size of Project: 700㎡ Design Story of Ensue : I visited Chef Christopher Kostow in the spring of 2018 at his farm in St. Helena, CA. During our initial design briefing conversation for Ensue, he asked me “what is your definition of luxury?”. Inspired by the aesthetics of wabi-sabi, Chef Kostow represents his cuisine in the simplest form, but with the most intricate philosophy. In the design mechanism of Ensue, I aim to find a new emotional representation of luxury, achieved through unifying local vernacular, with contemporary ideas. A fusion of eastern ideas and philosophy, with western execution will create a space that evokes a new sense of style and elegance. This concept, executed with a wabi-sabi aesthetic that celebrates transience and imperfection, cohesively suggests “a Buddhist teaching of the three marks of existence, specifically impermanence, suffering and emptiness or absence of self-nature.” – Leonard Koren. Furthermore, the space embodies an interesting interaction between the ideas of fire and ice; two sensory, visual and conceptually jarring circumstances, that are unified in a way to create a calming sense of balance. In Ensue, I also personified many design intentions based on my Chinese upbringing. I explored the work of local artisans and manufacturers around Canton region, to rethink and redefine the modern meaning of Made-in-China in the design industry. ----------------Chris Shao

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