Espace C2 at Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel

Sid Lee Architecture


During summer 2017, the emblematic Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel reopened its doors. Inaugurated in 1958, the 1051-room (today 950-room) hotel exemplifies the international style of the era. The major renovation adapts the facilities to meet the current and future needs of local and international business people. Today, the hotel pays tribute to its past by providing inspiring spaces and new programming in tune with its quintessential Montreal character. The hotel is opening itself to the city, making the most of its spectacular views, and providing living and working spaces that will encourage the clients to make it their own. The new hotel comprises a set of multifunctional areas that are on the cutting for business development.

In May 2017, Fairmont and C2 Montreal jointly announced the construction of Espace C2 (budget $8M), a venue inspired by the ethos and methodologies of C2 Montreal. With 13,000 sq.ft. area, it accommodates up to 220 guests. With its à la carte custom configured sections, Espace C2 is seen as a prototype in conference hosting, enhancing business creativity, networking and collaboration. Espace C2 can be customized following a tried-and-true experience catalogue to wow the crowd in a highly technological event space that allows for flexible configurations.

Inspired by modern aesthetics, the glass volume serves as a new lighthouse reflecting the new vocation of the hotel. The glass elevated structure is the highlight of Espace C2's main room, the Forum. It was designed to address the lack of height and depth within the uppermost floor (21st floor) and the hotel's rooftop terrace. Therefore, the roof was dismantled, and the structure now crowns Fairmont the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. It was designed as a beacon, a visible signal that pays homage to the City's creativity and potential.

The chevron wooden floor reflects the iconic triangular shape of the venue. Warm and traditional, the material blends perfectly with raw materials (steel structure and terracotta). The transparency of the modular copper mesh curtain, opens up or closes the spaces, and remains of the unique architectural heritage of downtown Montreal. The retractable tiered seat offers an immersive environment, as it converts into a ball pit for adults, where creative meetings can be held in an unconventional setting. The fluted backlit ceiling glass panels offer a sculptural element, where the mechanical and acoustic systems are hidden. Finally, the 14x20 feet state-of-the-art led screen puts a technological stand to the venue.


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