Fintech Co-working Space

WIT Deisgn & Research


Zhongsha, MEP Consultant

The client: Fintech Office, completion date:2020.1.22, size: 980㎡. The Fintech co-working Space and Dragon Restaurant share the entire space on -1 and -2 floors, as well as a sunken atrium where a bar is located and parties can be hosted. Office employees and guests can enjoy stylish restaurants or private dining rooms nearby. The nature of the open office does not only belong to the inside space of the Fintech co-working Space, it also extends to a 6000㎡ “micro-urban life group” of financial tech companies on the site. This includes the Dragon Restaurant and the atrium which is open to the public and is also considered as a living room of the city. The atrium also extends the physical and psychological office space available to employees to allow them to actively embrace urban life.

A spiral staircase has been designed using parametric software rather than being drawn by hand, therefore, the generated pattern of the staircase surface looks unique and it highlights the new aesthetic of the digital era; Similar technology is also applied to an installation in the atrium. The installation, produced using cast concrete, is a "waterfall" and a "pool". There are even copper ducklings “swimming” on the “water”. People love water features but due to the long cold winters, outdoor-waterscapes are not suitable in Beijing. There are 6 special blue spotlights above the outdoor atrium to simulate moonlight.

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