George Sideboard and cocktail cabinet



1ST Capsule Collection by estudi{H}ac_JmFerrero for COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA_
For the design of first capsule collection for Coleccion Alexandra, estudiHac to created a large set of pieces, each one inspired by the nature and personality of a series of characters.
GEORGE SIDEBOARD_ Mr George is a true aristocrat symbolizing the most noble values like virtue, respect, loyalty and fidelity. However, his outward traditional essence hides important secrets conferring an air of mystery to this classical man.
The George sideboard aims to project this same essence. Although a classical piece, it breaks from the traditional mould with its irregular geometric pattern on the front. A pattern combining different materials, from leather, ceramic tile, high quality veneers to wood, bestowing a unique and personal character.
Each piece is custom made using handcrafted methods.
George is a classic piece, both eccentric and unusual.
GEORGE COCKTAIL CABINET_ Mr. George is very serious and forceful, but with an occult fiery inside. He is a mischievous scamp, young at heart.
The cocktail bar was created as an individual piece, unconventional but complementing the George sideboard.
They both share a defined angular form highlighted by their vertical size. An authentic piece with unique character combining lightness and strength, freshness and nobility.

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