Hangzhou Bay Wetland Primus Hotel (Hangzhou Bay, China)

HHD East Holiday International Design Group


Hangzhou Bay Wetland Primus Hotel, located in Hangzhou Bay national wetland park, is one of the isolated Xanadu holiday villas. The project area is 4600㎡ and completed in June 2017.

Each of these villas is a separate "island", and there is a courtyard with a hot spring pool to relax and play on the island. The vehicles between the islands are limited to ships, and it’s so far away that each villa has good privacy.

HHD East Holiday International Design Group pursues green, natural quality and environmental protection. In the design of the courtyard, the outer walls are made of rammed earth. And the interior design combines the theme of bird elements, the modernization of water elements, the naturalization of raw materials and the humanization, creating the first natural environmental holiday villas in ecosystem.


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