Harbour Plaza Leaf Screens

Cecconi Simone Inc.


The design team at this Toronto lakeshore condominium building drew on classic materials and standout features throughout the two lobbies and multiple amenity areas. Looking to create cohesiveness across 2787 m² of space, the designers took inspiration from the building's streamlined architecture, while drawing from the lines of nature to blend seamlessly with the outside views.

Custom-designed metal screens help them achieve that, delineating the prominent visitor's lobby from the residential areas, to separate the public and private spaces and add to their overall vision for the site. Created from cold-rolled steel, with a two-toned brushed brown patina finish, the screens feature a cutout leaf pattern that allows light to flow through to the rooms beyond, while still offering residents privacy. Coloured hand-blown Czech glass balls are hung at different heights behind, peeking out through the openings to refract light from the windows and build expectation for hidden surprises. 

Designed to create a sense of boundaries, the screens also add to the artistry of the space and provide striking contrast with the light Bianco Bellisamo granite of the concierge desk and surrounding lobby. The leaf pattern picks up on the nature-inspired theme, while the geometric design builds on the project's sense of timelessness - complementing the building's clean, architectural lines. 


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