Harbour Plaza Tree Light Sculpture

Cecconi Simone Inc.


Inspired by the Toronto waterfront just outside the windows, the interior design team drew from nature in this condominium project's lobbies and amenity spaces completed in January 2018. A classic, architecturally influenced backdrop left room for standout creative elements that played on that theme, including multi-tiered accent lighting that draws eyes through the 2787 m² of space.

Three large-scale sculptural "tree" light fixtures are a focal point, adding whimsy while proving both functional and durable. Featuring white fibreglass trunks and branches, with a translucent fabric canopy for a soft sunlight-inspired glow, the trees rise 2.5 m² tall and 3.1 m² in diameter. They shelter a circular bench surface below, covered in Corian with a plywood interior and integrated electrical and USB connections. 

The trees provide a contemporary representation of nature and anchor the common spaces, but can still be completely dismantled and reassembled as needed for condo maintenance. 

Bringing the concept to life represented a challenge for the design team, though. While the designers wanted the representation to be close enough to nature to be recognizable, they knew that too close an interpretation would feel kitschy. To get the design just right, they closely studied the lines and materials of nature, as well as the form sunlight took shining through a tree's branches. Breaking those down to their cleanest forms, they chose materials carefully to create a likeness that wasn't literal, but still offered the same interplay of light and form. The final result captures the essence of a tree in the forest, while still melding with the clean lines of the common spaces - providing residents with an inspirational canopy under which to work, read or lounge.


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