Hawthorn House

Eugene Cheah Architecture


The structure, cladding and ceiling of the extension is a singular material - Australian plantation grown Hoop Pine, Araucaria Cunninghamii - acting as a unifying texture. This renewable resource is used in the form of laminated timber sheets - one of the most efficient and therefore sustainable, responsible and economical ways to use timber. 

The expressive structural elements created an opportunity to collaborate closely with the structural engineer and timber fabrication specialist. No two beams are the same depth. The custom-made laminated veneer lumber structure was achieved cost-effectively and efficiently, with virtually no wastage, fully utilising each sheet of material. 

The resultant space is warm and textured, with diffuse natural light and dynamic shadows that animate and give character to the space. The skylight doubles as an indoor hanging garden, with greenery to be draped above or hung below the structure. The experience of the house is of the tracks of sunlight and shadow moving across the space.

This project takes a holistic approach to sustainability, encompassing all elements of design approach, fabrication and construction methodology, material choice, internal environmental quality, energy use and considers the life cycle of the building. All within the constraints of a modest residential interior architecture project.


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