Headspace SM Campus

Montalba Architects


Reflective of their core values – focused, mindful, and dedicated – while fitting in to the industrial vernacular of the building’s site, was a primary focus for the team. The challenge was to find unique ways to bring Headspace’s new office to life by seamlessly juxtaposing group and individual spaces. To honor the core values of the company, small spaces were strategically placed throughout the space, where employees could find a moment of personal solace that wouldn’t deter from the surrounding communal environment.

The main design gesture turns the previous unused exterior patio into a large, outdoor garden, which gets pulled through the workspace into the central courtyard on the second floor. The open-air enclosure filters light and greenery into previously dark, isolated spaces and offers a moment of reprieve from the industrious energy throughout.

Creating a connection to the outdoors was a critical design consideration for the campus experience and meditation environment of the Headspace culture. This was accomplished through a few design moves: exterior courtyard, bi-fold door and garage door to the courtyard, and the lightwell courtyard on the second floor. The featured entry stair functions as a workspace that transitions into a large stadium seating for company-wide events, meditation, presentations, all hands meetings, or flexible working space. A media screen rolls down in front of the large bi-fold door and a large suspended curtain folds around to control light and sound.

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