HEY BIRD Specialty Coffee Space

HEY BIRD is located in CBD of Guangzhou, the 3rd largest city in China. It meets the challenge on offering good coffee in an area whose audience are high-standard. It is requested to be a social coffee space, while people can be immersed in elegant and artistic atmosphere. Specialty coffee is more about sharing the best of coffee, the taste as well as its culture. Therefore, the 140㎡of space is mostly open and social-oriented, as a warm welcome for people expecting a nice talk with baristas and their friends.

Also, it is inspirational for creative minds, who can always meet their sparkles in the artistic installations given by the brand spirits. Although there are hundreds of coffee shops in the area, HEY BIRD still stands out in the neighborhood. It still keeps drawing people in, who not only ask for good coffee, but also a high standard brand which shares the same taste in coffee and art, and a place where they can have nice talks and a good time in daily life.

HEY BIRD has a very dynamic brand identity with different birds representing a variety of brand value, abundant colors, and vivid graphic expressions like beautiful curves combined elegant organic shapes. The space well translates them with spatial language and creates a unique space experience. Specialty coffee is still on its way in China, and people are not familiar with a coffee space offering whatever more than coffee. This is what makes HEY BIRD unique.

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