HEYTEA LAB (Shenzhen OCT Harbor Store)



Cooperative Design: Suri Liao, Joey He, Jason Luo, Yun Peng

How can we help Heytea, a popular new tea brand, to convey its individuality and to demonstrate its business strategies in product innovation, experience innovation and business integration? Optimizing every possible consumption procedure and creating immersive and interactive consumer experience are the basic logic for TOMO DESIGN in the design of Shenzhen Heytea Lab.

Entrance Building
The designer interprets the artistic context of the building with a sequence of landscape. The façade of the flagship store is designed by gray bricks, which is interspersed with metal bricks to show both traditional beauty and a youthful atmosphere.

Courtyard Landscape
With a holistic perspective, the designer creates a courtyard landscape with minimalist skills. The interior space is divided into five different laboratories: the peripheral lab, the ice-making lab, the dessert lab and the illustration lab on the first floor as well as the tea geek lab on the second floor.

Peripheral Lab
The peripheral lab is located at the entrance to continue the images on the LED facade and display a variety of peripheral products.

The geometric staircase leads customers to different labs on the first and second floors, and it is also the visual center of space. Ice-making Lab Dessert Lab Silver metal bar counter, metal grille details, gray emery floor, and sequential bubble lights as well as the ice-making and dessert displays, connect a series of interesting spaces. At the same time, the floor-to-ceiling glass doors create an interactive visual experience between the interior and the outside landscape.

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