Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang



Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang: An interactive, immersive experience! In order to inform their customers and to create a long-lasting relationship between brand and buyers, the Hyundai Motor Company commissioned a public centre of automotive culture and brand world. Korea's largest Car Culture Experience Park invites visitors on a fascinating journey through the premium manufacturing process of Hyundai cars - starting from the finished product and going backwards in single steps to the initial design concept. Visitors experience fascinating spaces, memorable dynamic installations and engaging interactive settings.

The visitor routing passes through 4,000 sqm of exhibition space. Three thematic areas highlight different aspects of Hyundai's car manufacturing processes. In the 'Plant' area, visitors interact with industrial robots, while every hour the robots interrupt their work and perform a classical ballet together. The area 'Innovate' depicts the elements of research and vehicle development, informing visitors about safety, aerodynamics, sound design and energy efficiency. 

Highlight of the Hyundai Motorstudio is the 'Design' area, where light, sound, movement and interaction transform space into a multisensory environment. A kinetic sculpture, consisting of 1,411 aluminium rods in continuous motion, works in two modes: The 'Reactive Mode' mirrors the visitors' movement, while the 'Show Mode' performs a choreography flowing into the shape of a Hyundai automobile. The company's overall design philosophy 'Creating Design from Movement' is realised as a three-dimensional, room-sized installation. 

Opened in 2017, the Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang provides an experience that goes beyond automobiles: The intention is to allow for a realistic, comprehensible and immersive approach to the brand's quality, technology, functionality, design and sustainability by means of scenography. Therefore, visitors do not simply see or read what happens, they become part of it themselves. This augmented reality provides more information and a more memorable experience than a visit on-site the production plant.

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