Jing Cai Xuan(Shanghai Panorama Hotel branch)

Beijing PRO Lighting Design

The project located the 27th to 32nd level on the corner between Finance Street of the Shanghai Bund and International Shipping Street in the North Bund. It contains ten suites of various sizes. One may view the Bund and Lujiazui from the window. The interior design of Jing Cai Xuan reinvents the original space. The arc-shaped stairwell extends through Level 29th to 31st. The Malevich-style linear arts integrates in various interior corners. As a high-end restaurant, it doesn’t add complex decorations into the premise. Instead the space becomes an enormous art piece through stacking sides and crossing lines. We use hidden light in the space. Through intervention of lighting, one may obtain a delicate sense over the space, oneself, and the Bund through the process of dining.