Joya Hotel

Vermilion Zhou Design Group


The Exquisite Chinese Lifestyle

Life today is rush and noisy. Sometimes, people miss the old, traditional, but simple day. As a result, designer built the mound and water, emulate habits from the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove, and bring the exquisite, downshifting Joya from the city.

When the first step into a hotel, we all anticipate to get rid of our tiredness and relax. Therefore, in terms of layout, fences decorated with vaguely dim lights lead guests along to the entrance, which divided the bustling street. You will hear the zither and smell the incense at the door way, but the first sight of the lobby is quiet, humble with low-key reception. Designer hopes that through the course of this path, the mood of the guests will return to peace.

Traditional gardens are made up of stacked stones, purling water, and plants. However, it's too expensive to maintain. Accordingly, we cooperated with the new media artist Lin Jun Ting, who fulfilled our concept to build a vivid spectacle in the lobby. Beyond the grilles extends the infinite imagination of The Phoenix Poetry. Phoenixes fly through with flowers, moon and snow; the whole space is full of oriental elegance. 

The beauty of traditional culture is worth learning, but it is no longer old-fashioned through contemporary design techniques. Lots of furniture from Chinese brands Shang Xia, which is branch of Hermès, is well used in the lobby and rooms. Following the essence of traditional craftsmanship, modern minimalist design adapts to every objects in the hotel. The exquisite lifestyle begins with the selection of "devices". Designer hopes to create a wonderful experience that allows guests to savor the oriental elegance.

Each room has a corner for reading and cup of tea; meanwhile, "foot bathtub" is also placed into rooms. Designer tries to build a hotel obeying to the "Contemporary Chinese lifestyle." Advocating the idea of Lao Zhuang is not to escape from reality, but to seek the rest of the body and heart. "Tune in, drop out" When in the proper place, you will feel satisfied and pleased.

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