Junxi Mountain Villa Sales Centre

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Junxi Mountain Villa Sales Centre situates in the beautiful Liangzhu area, in the northwestern outskirts of Hangzhou. The project area is 400 square meters. And it was completed in November 2017.
The entrance hall is a tall processional space which would fill the visitors with a sense of awe and anticipation. A place where we could set the tone and express the developments commitment to refinement and quality. The designer designed a series of folding arches (inspired by painting of traditional Chinese roofs by Wu Guangzhong) which responds to the rhythm of the architectural façade. Side lit from the south, the rhythm is enhanced by a series of columns clad in contrasting dark hairline metal and light textured limestone. Each bay allows a glimpse view through a layered lacquer screen to the inside.

One challenged the designer faced was that the entrance hall is a double height space, with a very impressive scale. When you come into the model hall the ceiling drops to half the height. Thus the designer continued the theme of folding roofs and on a much greater scale. The designer created a direction fold inspired by water ripples which flows to the outside. As it reaches the consultation area the fold becomes symmetrical so that it creates the form of a traditional roof above the seating. This establishes a more comfortable and intimate setting above the consultation area. 

The designer designed custom built sofa and seating which responds to the views of the landscape. When you sit with your back to the wall, the seating is high backed and enclosing. Whereas where the seating faces the landscape the sofas are lower to allow all guests views of the garden and landscape. 


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