K11 Art Mall Coffee Museum Area(Wuhan)

HHD East Holiday International Design Group


K11 Art Mall Museum Area(Wuhan) is located on the west side of Wuhan New World Center. It is one of the largest investment projects in Wuhan by one of the largest integrated enterprises in Hong Kong - New World Group, which is RMB 1.8 billion invested. The project area is 480㎡ and completed in November 2017.

The train station is not only the beginning of the journey, but also the starting point of the journey of Wuhan K11 "water life". The story begins at the train station, where a group of expectant travelers who live a leisure and slow life are gathered in the railway station, with the same hobby. They are the coffee lovers. The coffee culture has grown from this climate and became a Coffee Museum. 

HHD East Holiday International Design Group carry out the design philosophy of "the design of situational experience space with expression, temperature and stories", using log material, red brick, railway track, small station board and other elements to create a station type coffee theme space which is full of the flavor of street culture.


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