Koan is the first cooperation between Kokaistudios and Lualdi and it is the initial step in a series of contemporary reinterpretations of the traditional screens and movable partitions that have historically been principal features in the design of interiors spaces in East Asian and notably Japanese cultures. First presented at the 2018 Salone del Mobile the Koan is available in multiple configurations that combine the brightness of precious glass and metal finishes with the warmth of natural custom crafted wood, creating a perfect cohesion of technology and tradition. 

The combination of vertical slats highlights the value of the glazed panel, offering a scenographic view of the space beyond the door. Featuring aluminium edges 50 mm thick, tempered grey glass 6 mm thick and solid oak wood slats that are subjected to a special cleaning that imbues them with greyish color after which they are treated with a fragrant oil; the result is a product that impacts your visual, olfactory and tactile senses and in which the artisanal talents of the Lualdi craftsmen come to the fore.


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