Kokaistudios is an award winning architecture and interior design firm founded in 1999 in Venice by Italian architects Filippo Gabbiani & Andrea Destefanis. Headquartered in Shanghai since 2002 Kokaistudios has grown into multi-cultural firm of 60 people working on a global scale with projects in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America that is managed by a partnership composed of the 2 principals and 6 associate partners who jointly oversee all operations of the company.

Kokaistudios operates on a model inspired by the old artistic laboratories of Venice where the best artists and craftsmen from around the world came together to create with their multidisciplinary backgrounds innovative ideas and designs. Kokaistudios have purposely chosen not to specialize in one field of design but rather to research original design approaches and apply them to many different market sectors with services extending from product design to interiors to architecture.

The firm's design philosophy ensures that each projects' specific characteristics are considered within the larger context of the complex environment in which they are found and also within the context of where individual, societal, urban and technological trends are going. This approach to projects has allowed Kokaistudios to work with a diverse domestic Chinese and international group of clients who come searching both for architectural and interior design expertise but also partnership in the development of their brands and their customer's brand experience.

These deep partnerships coupled with our 360 degree approach to design have allowed Kokaistudios to develop innovative land-mark projects in various fields of design including cultural, corporate, commercial, hospitality & retail projects. Many of the projects have a strong focus on urban regeneration and the ultimate goal of all of the projects is adding positively to the built environment and social fabric of the cities and countries in which they are located.


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