Lakeville Luxe



LAKEVILLE LUXR is located in the center of Shanghai, which is full of high-rise buildings. In the high-density and fast-paced metropolitan center, the serenity of the residence has become a luxury, and a courtyard close to nature is particularly precious. The proper combination of nature and life in the project design creates a quiet and poetic living atmosphere (noisy close at hand, beyond time) and permeates Shanghai's inherent delicacy and elegance. The courtyard is both ornamental and functional.

The space is divided like a labyrinth with hedgerows, the sunken stove sitting area is the functional extension of the living room, and the table and chair area is the functional extension of the restaurant. The perforated metal device releases a strong sense of architecture, and a miniature forest landscape is behind the hole.

The staircase is set between the living room and dining room, so that the two spaces are relatively independent, and can look at each other vaguely through the metal plate. Metal mesh staircase installation of about 6 meters suspends in the space, which is functional construction and an artistic installation. The master bedroom takes the screen as the intention, and the wall design lower than the top reserves a sense of breathing. The ceiling arc state is processed to diffuse light to the top, with no boundary. Copper and black rattan in the master bedroom and bathroom are used as the keynote to retain the charm of old Shanghai.

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