Lan of Gemdale



Designers Team: Dong Wenpeng, Pan Zhenfei, Dai Linyan, Huang Yurong, Zhang Ruolin

This project is a connection of boxes, and is a cubic spatial form. With a total of four floors, the building also establishes a close link with every spatial form in an interwoven relationship. It brings people into a modern ambience when such spatial relationship is put into the design. Interior designers turn core elements into a new lifestyle pattern: cultural sandwich biscuit.

The “cafe” concept links the past and the future. It replaces the “Oreo” concept, uses new sandwich and outer layer in a creative way, covers the outer layer with wooden grids and then applies diverse sandwich materials to show youthful energy is oozing out of the outer layer. The wooden grid element is a spatial texture designed to produce a mix of pleasure and decency. In the space transformation of this project, the “floodlighting” is brought in to achieve spatial overlapping. Interior designers put optical films in the center of the top part at the lounge to create a “skylight” ambience in four sides and produce a balanced and misty light that is meant to balance the internal and external spaces of the building.

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