Le Régal Bistro

Le Régal Bistro, Huiyimingcheng

Xi'an, an ancient city, has a long history and culture. It is one of the four ancient capitals in the world, the starting point of the Silk Road, and the city retains a complete ancient city wall. This is Le Régal Bistro french dessert bar (Branch store),We have successful cooperation cases before. But this time, there are different ideas in philosophy of style.

The design elements of the project come from the gate vault of the ancient city wall. This symbol extends from the exterior to the interior, Integrate into the concept of "common life under the gate". The planning of Interior has the bar, dessert display area, open west kitchen. Created a free, open and interactive dining space atmosphere. The whole space is based on the original concrete surface texture, with a strong modern architectural language, the floor uses parquet flooring to soften the overall space, as well as there is a strong visual contrast on the material application, used for glass bricks on the surface of the worktops enhance the flexibility and modernity to the space. The wonderful combination of fashion and classic temperament, common life and popular culture.

Project Name: Le Régal Bistro Project
Location: Xi'an, China
Project Area: 180 sqm
Designer: WU Licheng