Leica Camera

During darkness the façade along the ground floor appears as a shining ribbon which emphasizes together with the lit plaza, the illuminated coffeehouse and lit up facade of the existing buildings the uniqueness and individuality of the place. Aesthetic columns equipped with metal halide modules are arranged along the circular lines creating a comfortable and safe atmosphere during darkness. In addition trees are illuminated by energy-efficient LED in-ground luminaires.

Freestanding curved walls that serve as temporary exhibition areas for black-and- white photos are evenly illuminated by in-ground wallwashers.

The adjacent entrance and exhibition hall is characterized by a wide skylight that allows as much as possible daylight coming into the space. Dimmable track lights that are mounted on the ceiling structure give the opportunity to implement different light scenes according to varying requirements. Certain track lights for general lighting are equipped with warm and cold white LEDs enabling the adaption of the colour temperature during the day.

The walls along the exhibition hall that are used as temporarily exhibition space for photographs are evenly illuminated by LED wallwashers. Freestanding walls can be arranged flexibly according to the needs of the owner and are illuminated by LED track lights. Furthermore, a selection of iconic photos is exhibited in backlit wall displays.

Track lights with LEDs emitting warm light and with varying light distributions give accents to freestanding display cases and temporary exhibition walls. Additionally, all show cases have integrated LED light sources giving accents on historical cameras and lenses.

Next to the gallery a black painted long hallway without daylight and dimmed artificial light gives the visitor the opportunity to look into the production area. Freestanding display cases show all cameras from the very first model to the high-end product. Wall-mounted display cases with backlit ceilings illuminate the objects homogenously without creating glare or reflections.

At the store, freestanding and wall-integrated showcases are illuminated by integrated LED modules and additional LED track lights. All fittings are individually controllable to ensure the highest possible flexibility for the customer.

A spiral staircase leads the visitor to the roof top allowing them to test cameras, binoculars and object lenses in a realistic environment.

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