Lumion Amsterdam school interior

atelier PRO architects


Lumion Amsterdam is a secondary school for senior general and pre-university education. It is located in an brutalistic young monument combined with a new annex. The original building (1973 designed by architect Ben Ingwersen) was revitalized by atelier PRO architects in 2019. The interior design aims to support an educational vision completely opposing the traditional class room teaching.

This type of education focuses on personalized learning, based on Sweden’s Kunskapsskolan. The focus is on people. Each individual has its own learning process that distinguishes three typologies. The spatial translation for each typology is based on the Australian idea of Campfire (obtain teaching by an expert collectively), Watering hole (share information among peers informally) and Cave (concentrate by solitary contemplation). This is inspired by futurist David Thornburg and has become the idea behind the interior design.

The design aims to create a nudging learning environment, encouraging a community atmosphere and transparency. Lumion school believes that the way you decorate and design spaces stimulates behavior and helps develop the learning process. So, very few traditional classrooms and many open spaces are created.

For the junior pupils, each floor has a large open space with an atmosphere of homeliness and security and is equipped for various learning activities. Spatial objects on each floor associate with the development stage of the junior pupils. The open spaces for the senior pupils support to prepare for higher education. This interior concept enables personalized learning, making Lumion the first Kunskapsskolan partner school in the Netherlands.

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